Who Is ECBE?

ECBE is a Social Entrepreneur organization that educates Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and Business Leaders on the concepts, tactics and strategies that will assist them in making a positive impact in the Marketplace.  Founder and President, Glenn L. Williams, Sr. is passionate about and committed to the motivation, education and implementation that Entreprenuers and Business Owners currently are in need of.  Glenn's roadmap to success was established to help build God's people up for Kingdom impact in the Marketplace.  

Whether you are a Business Owner, Entrepreneur, Pastor, Church or Comunity Leader; ECBE will empower you to effectively fulfill your Kingdom role.    









Mission: To provide a motivational, educational and positive atmosphere that will assist people in fulfilling their vision through effective training and development of business principles for Entrepreneurial strength, growth and community impact.

Vision: To provide programs, courses, curriculums, and an environment for empowering Entrepreneurs and Business Owners to become Marketplace Leaders.

Purpose: To help people create opportunity through entrepreneurship that will impact families and communities socially, financially, and spiritually for this generation and generations to come.


 Motivation                                          Education                                      Implementation 

Run Your Race!  Impact Your World!™

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